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to the 'pot' of funds which will be dedicated to the four projects below over the year.

Please note that no money has been donated via the Everyclick page as of yet: all funds have been donated directly. Although this means the transfer is faster, it means that UK taxpayers who donate are unable to claim Gift Aid, which will mean the donation value increases by 25%, without you having to pay any more! If you wish to Gift Aid, please donate via the Everyclick link above.

Your money is being spent on...

Desks and Benches

Currently the children only sit on flimsy plastic chairs or on the floor. Wooden desks and benches will give them something to rest on whilst they write. Double desk and bench sets cost around £17 each.


Stationery such as pens, pencils, rulers and exercise books will give the children extra supplies to use over the year. Providing stationery for every child will cost about £255.

Sports Kit

Children don't have individual sports kits but the school keeps team sets to be used when needed. Good Hope school needs about 20 football and netball shirts.


Presently, the toilets are in poor condition and there are no changing facilities available. Funding could ensure the toilets are roofed and changing rooms are constructed.

About the Good Hope School

Good Hope School was founded in 2007 by Duffield-based charity Reaper Ministries. Joe, Alex, and Aidan's primary school, Duffield Meadows, has had a long link with the school as one of charity's trustees is a teaching assistant at Meadows. Reaper Ministries still supports the school today, both financially and administratively.


Malawi is the 6th poorest country in the world, with over 55% of the population living in poverty. Only 11% of Malawian children complete primary school and although education is free, parents have to pay for uniform and stationery, which many can't afford. This means that a lot of children are unable to attend school.


It offers free education for approximately 730 underpriviliged children, 1/3 of which are AIDS orphans. Good Hope School has only 19 teaching staff which means that a lot of classes are very cramped, with around 40 children squeezed into a relatively small classroom. 

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