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  Project Good Hope School

Founded by Ecclesbourne School student Joe McDermott in 2016, this project (originally named "Educate Africa") raises funds for the Good Hope School in Lilongwe, Malawi. Each year, another team takes on the fundraising lead. So far, you have raised £21124 and provided a new classroom, perimeter fence, building repairs, desks and chairs, water well covers, IT equipment, stationery, first aid kits and training, sports equipment, books and globes. 


EVERY DONATED PENNY goes to the school - unlike many charities, any visits or personal costs are met by the organisers!



What is Project Good Hope School? 




An update on the school...

Due to the Coronavirus, the school needs a 'fumigation' every 14 days. This involves using disinfectant spray to clean walls and equipment. Hand washing stations-a bucket and soap-are in place for santitisation.

A breakfast program, put in place for the most undernourished, consists of bread and a fruit drink-'sobo'.

A gate is needed to complete the perimeter wall and will secure the school perimeter.

New toilets are now being used, they consist of a metal pan that you stand on with a cistern high up on the wall. The old toilets are now in safe condition and in the process of being repaired.


So please keep donations coming in. To donate online, head to the donate section on the website!


Stay tuned for more updates...

An update on the school...
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Fundraising Targets for 2020

What will your money go towards?

Sports Equipment

Children have limited access to sports equipment which is an integral part of their development. Some of 2019's £4137 will go to support this.


Alex raised funds for better furniture in the school to improve the facilities for the pupils and create a more comfortable environment.


Currently, the toilets are in poor condition and there are no changing facilities available. Roofs will be added to the toilets and changing rooms built.


More fundraising project updates on the way!

Christmas Cards are a hit!

Raised £200 from homemade Christmas cards

Beautiful Christmas cards were homemade by family members and were sold in the lead up to Christmas

Ecclesbourne Non-Uniform Day Support

An amazing £692 raised from students and staff

Students at Ecclesbourne came in non-uniform and donated a pound. The proceeds were shared between Project Good Hope and Children In Need. A special thanks to Miss Flynn and Mr Macnamara who allowed this to go ahead. 

Generous online donations 

£1850 raised online for 2020-21 so far!

Thanks to the generosity of friends and family who have kickstarted our fundraising effort already for 2020-21 by donating online at

Current Team 2020-21

Timmy Crowson



Target: £5000

Timmy has previously done fundraising work for Educate Africa with his brother so will bring a wealth of experience to the team.

Henry Atherton


Target: £5000


 Henry is an aspiring actor and wants to support the drama and art initiatives at the school.

Owen Jennings


Target: £5000


Owen is a keen footballer and is particularly interested in engaging sports participation at the school.





Noah Humphreys


Target: £5000


Noah plays tennis competitively. He is delighted to be part of this fundraising team.

Previous Teams

Frances Cokayne and Joanna Outhwaite

2019 - 2020


Raised: £700

Fundraising for more desks and seating, science resources and repainting the exterior of classrooms

Alex McDermott

2018 - 2019

Raised: £4500

Funded: toilet and changing room block


Alex is also a Member of UK Youth Parliament and leader of the 'Last Straw' Campaign. As well as Educate Africa, he is an outdoor enthusiast, having lead several expeditions.

Aidan Crowson

2017 - 2018

Raised: £6500

Funded: perimeter wall


Aidan is also a keen actor and musician.


Joe McDermott

2016 - 2017

Raised: £9500

Funded: new classrooom


Joe founded Educate Africa in 2016 with Oli Marval. He has since lead the What'SUP project and several overseas research expeditions.

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